Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Over Spent... MOney $$ nt enough!!!

Arh~~~ Headache!!! Everyday wake up so early to work, for wat?? MOney oso nt enough ah... I'm oledi work 4 about 3 months liaw... Stil thought can get d RM500 salary per month.. but after deducted for EPF n some leave, i juz can get RM350.... <--- cham.... Rm350 enough for this month or nt... I can tell u, totaly nt enough 4 me!! Let me calculate it out...... Start calculate (expenses): until 20 Sept
  1. Meal RM6 (minimum) per day X 30 = RM180
  2. Reload RM50 (minimum)
  3. Entertainment RM100 (minimum)
  4. Canoeing Course RM25
  5. Module A (Course) RM20
  6. Module B (Course) RM60
  7. TLBB (Course) RM50
  8. Name Card (Business) RM40

Total : RM525

Over Spent : RM175 (From own saving)

Conclusion: Stil gt 10 days to go, hw can i survive if i dn hav any bank saving??? If i can survive with my own saving, then hw can my bank saving saving if continue like this?? GOD bless me!!