Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Swinburne Graduation Ceremony 2008

Last Monday, I went to Swinburne Graduation Ceremony 2008 at Dewan Undangan Negeri. My friends Ian and Saad were graduating on that day. Roy (Ian's Brother) asked me to help him take some photos and sending flowers to his brother before he went to Melbourne. Anyway, at here I would like to congrats all the graduants. I'm so envy those people who graduate because I still got one and a half year too go, it's a long time for me when seeing most of my friends have graduates already. What to do, just wish that I wouldn't fail again in my final exam.

Because there are too many photos were taken, so I just put it into slide show and post it up here. For those want to view all the images or may be you discover yourselves are in the photo, you can always grab it at my photobucket account by just click on the "view all images" button under the slide show.