Thursday, August 31, 2006

mo()N cAke fEstIvaL

yIpiE~~` stil gt 1 month left, moon cake festival is cuming soon... It's a family gathering time.... Erm...but d moz important things tat cant miss during season, ----> 'Moon Cake'... I would like to share sum kind of moon cake, coz i hav oledi try it 1 week ago, it's realy nice.... D moon cake tat i would like to share is from a factory called 'Baker's Cottage' from west malaysia.... N it contain low sugar quantity tat make ppl wont 'ni' after eating it.... bsides tat, it's low fat oso.... So, dn nid woli if u wan to eat much... =p but b4 tat, let me tell u the history of moon cake 1st...

A long time ago, most of China was ruled by the Mongolians. For many years, the Chinese endured ruthlessness and hardship. Then, a revolutionist leader, Chu Yan Zhang arose to lead the Chinese people against the Mongolian empire. He organised an uprising on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon. To communicate this vital information to all other revolutionists, he concealed messages in cakes to escape scrunity of the Mongolian officials. The revolt was successful and the Mongolians were overthrown. Chu Yan Zhang later became the first Emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

Four Season Pack

Shanghai Single Yolk Lotus Paste

White Lotus Single Yolk

Corn Custard Lotus Paste

Green Tea With Red Bean

Delight Pack

Emerald Delight (Pandan lotus paste with mung beans and single yolk)

Pearl Delight (Black sesame lotus paste with mung beans and single yolk)


Plain Lotus Paste

Single Yolk Lotus Paste

White Lotus Double Yolk

Yum Yum~~ it's look so nice, rite?? Juz like its taste.. Although i hav try these moon cakes oledi, but i cant reali enjoy its taste coz i hate yolk, i sure will take it out when i'm eating it, so i cant reali try d taste... For those who like yolk, u sure can feel d 100% real taste of its... If u would like to taste these moon cakes but u cant reali buy it or find it, u can find me (0168824155), i will help u to get it... i hope tat every1 can hav chance to try these delicious mo0n cakes... =p

august 31st ~~

Yeah~~ holiday!!! So, i take tis opportunity to create tis blog ah, dn feel like to use d friendster blog anymore, tis 1 is better 4 me... Is more easier 4 me to do my things... 31st of august, i wake up so early 2day..... Bcoz of wat??? Haihz.. bopien lah, juz once in 13 years.... The celebraton of Malaysia independent day... I watch d parade in front of my frenz shop early in d morning, but juz d marching band can attract me... especialy st joe kch & n sum other skools from other devision... it's reali nice!! Haihz... reali dissapointed ah, kuching high scout cant involve in it bcoz of sum tecnical problems... Arh.. nid to wait another 13 years... So, wat i hope nw is kuching high scout band can involve in the state competition so tat can meet other skools band and gain sum experiances... So, kuching high scout band member, plz keep ur effort, u guys can do it!! Trust urself....