Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's time to 'eat' paint!!!

The week before I went to KK, I was at Pasir Pandak again with my own gangs for another paint ball match. This time, we got 18 people so there is 9 people in each team. Some of us gather around 10am at satok for some breakfast and we reach our destination around 10.45am. When we reach there, we take some time to visit the war field while waiting for the others. Now, let me show you some photo of the war field.

Jungle War Field

*This is what you see when you step in the field. The base of Team A.

*There is many bunkers inside the field.

*Actually there is many crossline in the field, but this is the one that clearly shows that it's a crossline.

*Base for Team B. It's at the back part of the field.

*Everyone looks so excited!!!

"The other Field" (Don't know how to call it)

*This is how the field looks like.

*Although this field is small, but there's a lot of place for you to hide.

*This is just for acting nia!!!

*Surrender or Die!!!

The briefing starts around 11.30am and we start our games at 12pm. This time, we go for the small field match first, and everyone is just given 10 pellets. And this game just took less than 30 minutes to finish. After that, we go for the jungle field, we play 2 games in that field. We set 20 minutes for each game and 15 minutes to rest in between the games.

*Call me 'RAMBO'!!!

*This tinted mask belongs to the marshal, cool leh!!

*Choose your own marker before you go into the field.

Everyone was very fun after playing the games. We finished our pellets around 2pm. And Jeremy has injured his knee when the last game is about to finish. So, me and Vincent accompany him to clinic to check his knee. Unfortunately, he is not able to climb mountain KK on the next wednesday. Because we are the only two who already booked for the mountain climbing, so we have to cancel it. And this cost us Rm235 each for the deposit. So, have to plan for next trip to KK for the mountain climbing.

*This is what I got for this paint ball game, an "oche"!!


ahlost said...

Wahrao !!!

Will get black green one meh? I better not try cos my skin is very sensitive and hard to recover even if there's a mosquito bite :S

Nice to meet you again last nite :D

@lex said...

hahaha, nice to meet u too, owes meet teok u and JF, this means that u people always go out de lor~~

OH, if skin sensitive then it's hard for u to play lor, coz it u kenak sure will ohche 1... But nvm, play laser tag also same...

iCalvyn said...

ops... that should be very pain... i was planning to go play soon, but cant find kaki...

@lex said...

(icalvyn) hahaha, if u really wan play, can look for me.. I can find kaki here~~