Saturday, February 07, 2009

Long Time No See!!!!

OMG!!! It's almost half year already. Sorry to all my readers for not updating my blogs since September 2008. I was suppose to update my blog after my final exam but then I was too busy working as a Celcom promoter. I'm too tired to blog after working whole day, tambah pulak my lovely Sony Ericsson K810 was lost in Damai Beach during December. Really damn soi because I haven't used it for a year yet. Haihzz~~~

So, below is my year 2008 activities after my final exam. And this is why I dont'n have time to update my blog!!!
  • Celcom Promoter (Star Cineplex, Toko Electronic, Crown Square, Enter K, Hit & Run)
  • Kuching City Scout District Camp (5 days 4 nights)
  • Swinburne Open Day
  • Damai Trip (The time I lost )
  • My 21st Birthday @ Happy Valley (Thanks everyone for the wishes!!!)
*Thanks Everyone!!!

*From the left, @lex - Smallfish- Siaw Bai~~

*Seriously, I drunk liaw!!
  • New Year Eve Gathering at Calvin's House (It's fun also although we're not going to clubbing)
*Calvin, really pai seh, I borrow these photos from ur photobucket!!!

*Scout for life!! Calvin is not in here because he's the one who hold the camera.

*Heineken again!!!!

That's all for year 2008!! Now, let see what I have done in year 2009 already~~
  • Celcom Promoter (Shit, it's the same again)
Damn, nothing interesting at all. Luckily I enjoy quite a lot of fun during CNY before I start work again which is the fifth day of CNY. Sorry for not uploading any photos coz I don't have any camera. And the reason why I'm working so hard is that I'm aiming for a DSLR camera. I haven't decide which model I'm going to buy but my budget is just around RM2500 coz I have to stop working once my intake start at 2nd of March. So, any expert here can give me any suggestion of buying which modal??

Anyway, I will try to adjust some time for myself so that I'm able to post something from time to time. At last, I want to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Chinese New Year to everyone in my blog here although I know it's very very late already but got say better than didn't say, Hahaha!!!.

p/s: Sorry to my friend who left msg in my chatbox for not replying, I will try my best to reply ur msg next time.


cdason said...

Didn't know your a scout, and still active in it :P

I'm a passive scout.. hahaha retired after form 5.. 9 years ago.

annna said...

lol.. really heineken gui ahhh..

anyway, great to finally see an update from u!

@lex said...

(annna)HAhaha, got heineken baru got fun mah~~ Ya, if nex time got what blogger activities, must jio me wor~~ hahaha

@lex said...

(cdason) HAha, I'm scout since I'm in form 1. Now I'm just being the volunteer to help my group~~