Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Video Clips From Youtube

Here's some video clips from youtube, plz hav a look on its~~~

Canon in D

RK House Pork

Muar Chinese

My Friends

Hazard Minors' Swinburne Performance

Enjoy it!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Ipod Design

OMG, i'm busy for my Design for multimedia 1 assignment recently, have nt enough sleep, getting sick, cham ah~~ But my time nis not enough for my assignment bcoz i'm on a drama series called 'Feng Yung 2'. This the reason why i so busy, =p~~

So, let's take a look on my design, actualy i have 2 design but i will just put 1 up, which i decide to pass it up~~ The second one is too simple because i simply do it so i don't want people to see it~~ Here's my design--> Please give some comment about it~~

2D Design

3D design

Finally, i complete it, and it's realdy for print uut and pass it up~~~ Yahoo~~