Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Coffee or Tea??

I'm really headache this time because I have to choose which accessories should I buy on April after I get my January and February salaries. It's hard for me to decide whether to choose Sony Alpha 200 or Nokia 5800. If I didn't lost my hand phone, I will definitely buy the camera. So, I hope that I can get some suggestions from some of my readers, which gadgets would you choose between these two?


Sony Alpha 200

Nokia 5800


chuchu said...

if me, i wont buy either one, save the $$$...coz i am so poor now...or u also dont buy lo, borrow the $$$ to me..hehe

@lex said...

hahaha... If u poor then i can be beggar liaw~~ U got so much asset wor, scare wat?? ME hamit du bo ah!!!

adrian said...

alex dun talk cock la! diu

@lex said...

(adrian) Knot meh, my mouth u give me one ah??? Hahaha