Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sibu Again!!!

I'm already back from Sibu on last Sunday, but I start working at the MJC Padawan Fair on that night. It's really hard for me to find a time to blog since I finish my exam, so now I'm using some of my time with my boss laptop and celcom broadband to write my post.

*To Sibu we go!!!
*Me and Soi Zai (Adrian)

*Play until nothing to play!!!

During this Sibu trip, me and my friends were quite familiar with the place already, and this make us convenient because we can easily find a place that sell yummy foods.

*Sibu, we're here again!!!

This time, we're still staying at the same place (near bus terminal) like last time, but this time is not as peace as last time because we met some "good brother". When we were sleeping, the "good brother" turn on the toilet light, play the movie in my laptop, open the paip water for the whole night, take out Ah Wu's cloth form his luggage and hang it on the wall, stole adrian's socks and make it dirty. Luckily the "good brother" just kacau us but not harming us. The room me and roy stay is the same room that me and lucas stay during last trip.

*Soi Zai join me and roy everynight on the same bed.

*Our luggage and stocks.

*This is how we dry our cloths.

*So messy!!!

*Snacks and drinks.

*Ya, still got Heineken. But Sibu Heineken suckss!!

If compared with the last trip, we try lots of yummy foods during this trip. I will show you some foods that I try at Sibu. This trip to Sibu, we got try the beer also but the beer taste bad especially Heineken. If you really want to drink beer at Sibu, you better order guinness stout, because it taste better than others. For me, I prefer come back to Kuching and drink our Kuching Heineken.

*Fried Pork with Thai Style!!
We order this everynight for our dinner.

*Chicken Leg!!
Roy's favourite, he can eat 2 plate by himself.

*Jian Bian Hu!!!
This is the first time i try this.

*Pi Pa To Fu
Homemake tauhu of "Siang Mee Seafood"

*Butter Chicken in fried pan!!
I want vomit after I ate this because half of the pan was full with butter, yaikss!!

*Butter Fried Kailan!!
I woulnd't try second time because it's all butter taste only!!

*Mix Pork Rice!! RM8

So, this is where I stop this post. For the next post, I will write about the our works at Sibu, which is the celcom event at Borneo Cultural Festival (Sibu).