Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No Exam Tips because of "FUCKER"

This happen on yesterday when i'm going to moral studies lecture for the exam tips. Because i'm a repeat student for this course, so I know that my lecturer will giv us the exam tips on the last lecture, whereby our exam is on next week.

The lecture start on 5.30p.m, at the beginning, the lecturer cover the end of the last chapter with us first. There's many student ask him about the tips but he said that there's no tips. But me and wei sing are confident that he sure will give it before he end this lecture. So, I'm having a nap before the TIPs section. After 45 minutes, some laugh sound wake me up, and I'm very 'hek' because the lecturer having finish the last chapter. So, i just try to listen to what the lecturer teach. During this time, the attendance list is passed until my desk, I'm quickly sign it and helping many of my friends to sign then i continue paying attention to the lecturer. Finally, the lecturer finish the last chapter around 6.35p.m.

Yeah~~~ I know that now is the time for tips, and wei sing already take out his paper and pen while i'm also move my hand into my bag for these stuff. Suddenly, the lecturer shout after he looking at the attendance list.....

Lecturer: Who did this??

Student: ......

Lecturer: This action really make me angry, how can you people do this, do you know that this is an official document and i need to pass it to the admin after this.

Student: What happen?

Lecturer: Who wrote FUCKER in the attendance list??

Student: OMG!!! (looking around)

Lecturer: Do you people think that this is fun?? I'm still not so angry just now although you people are so noisy in the class, but this really make me angry and that's all for today.

Student: ......

@lex: (looking at wei sing) walau eh~~

Lecturer: Who wrote this "fat fucker" beside this student name?

Student: Who's that?

Lecturer: Who is xxxxxx xxx? And where is he?

@lex: (looking at wei sing and smile) *Maiku, this kind of things also can play...

Student: He is absent~~~

Lecturer: Do you people think this word very nice kah? It's so sham and make people angry, you imagine that If the Agong or Sultan teaching you and see this word, he sure be very angry. You people go try and write "FUCKER" on the wall of your house lah, you think your parents will just close one eyes ah....

Student: ......

@lex:*Why talk until Agong and Sultan there ki?

Lecturer: You think you write the FUCKER in the attendance list then I'll fuck you kah? If you ask me to fuck your mother I also don't want ah...

Student: ......

@lex & wei sing: (smile) *Walau eh, so serious meh?

Lecturer: You people really make me angry this time. Do you people see this, this is the exam paper, I'm already plan to give you people the tips but i have change my mind. That's all for today!!!

Student: ......

@lex:*Maicibei, waste my time nia?

Ah Ting: Walau eh, no tips liaw.

Wei sing: Ngaiti...

@lex: Damn lah, who's hand so itchy, play lah. Make us 'bo kang tau' ki. What should us do now leh?

Wei Sing: Go home lah, what can you do kok??

@lex: Cibei ah tat person who write that? Reali a FUCKER ah.

Arh~~ This is what happen on yesterday class, and that bastard really make us 'mahuan'. Damn, no tips for this exam. Need to go to other lecture class and see whether the lecturer will give or nt? And this is really wasting my time!!! Shit FUCKER!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Rover Trip to Gunung Gading~

Rover Scouts from 05th Kuching Scout are having one day trip a Gunung Gading on yesterday (28th Jan), and this trip was organized by our own rover head, Mr Ong Chin Ann (Tua Pao Ong) himself.

*Person on the left, Mr. Tua Pao Ong

At the night before trip, me, ah ong and ah choi are going to jeremy house for overnight because chee shing are going to fetch us in the early of the morning sekaligus at 7.30a.m. At jeremy house, we enjoy the 'Durian Cake' that made by Jeremy's mom and it's reali delisious. Besides tat, guess what're we doing at jeremy house??

*We're playing this things (mahjong) start from 11.oop.m until the next day 5.30p.m.

After mahjong, jeremy go to have a nap. Me, Ah Ong and Ah Choi are watching DVD because we planned to watch until chee shing come. But three of us fall asleep and wake up around 7.30a.m. after Alvin Tang's calls. We asked Ah Ong whether he wanna to cancel the trip or not because the rain was too big. Although some of us are wish to cancel the trip because the day are too 'song' for sleeping but we have to follow our rover head order which are keep going on our trip. Chee Shing arrive jeremy house at 8.00a.m to fetch us and we're going to MJC to gather with all the rovers and having our breakfast. I was shocked when I arrived the kopitiam because i found that not only four of us are not having enough sleep but Frederick, Aaron, Gary and Lau Ungz are also did'nt sleep because they playing 'dota' until 4 sth a.m. "Holy Shit!! May god bless us" We start our journey after having breakfast. We're not feeling sleepy in the car because we're too excited to go having fun.

*Journey start

We arrive at Gunung Gading after one and a half hour route. When we arrive, we keep on thinking the alternative activities because we scare we cant BBQ if the rain keep falling. But at last, we still settle it down in Gunung Gading because we found a shelter with BBQ pit.

*Arrive destination


After paying the entrance fees, we start carrying our things to the shelter and Ah Ong start dividing job to everyone. Me, frederick and Lau Ungz quickly to be a volunteer and ask Ah Ong to give us a job, guess wat's that job?? Hahahaha, we are too clever liaw because that's the easier job, mixing the lychee water.

*This is just what that us need to do, 'Pao Jui'

*This is what the others do, being 'bangkaleh' and 'consultant' while ligthing the fire

While some other ppl are lighting the fire for BBQ, we have to find ourself some activities to do to wait the sausages and chicken wings to be ready. And that activities are....

*Can you see what us doing?

*Frederick (left) & Ah Choi (right)

When the sausages and chicken wings are ready to be eat.



*Everyone are so hardworking now for snatching the sausages and wings into their plate

*Nice style of eating from Gary

*Nonono!! I wont give u my chicken wings although you're poiting the knife to me

After we finish eating, guess wat?? It's time for fun!!

*Aaron, are you scare when you see this, we're going to continue the 'underwear story : part 3" next time

*The water is too cold, wow~~

*Aaron is afraid to go down

*Nice massaging

*Chee Shing : "I want more chicken wings and sausages"!!

*Poor Ah Choi, he's not dare to go play in the water, so he just can helping us to control the fire

*At last, we come to this jungle pool for fun after we tidy up the place we use just now

What else do we do during this trip?? Ya~~ There's new experience for all of us, we open and eat the watermelon inside the jungle pool. Crazy hor~~ We end our journey at about 4.oop.m. and all of us dismiss and go home after having some drinks at Pasar Lundu. And there's another crazy thing that done by me, ah ong, jeremy and chee shing by the road side of Bau, we use the bus stop as our toilet because we cant find any toilet ad we cant hold it anymore. We arrive jeremy house at around 5.30p.m., and guess what?? We're not going home to rest but we continue this at jeremy house!!!

*We play until 8.30p.m. It's Beyong GODLIKE!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

24th DeCemBer 2006

Erm.. finaly i gt time for posting tis blog.. It's on 24th n 25th deC 2006, a special day for me!!! Juz like las year, i'm celebrate my burfday wiv lucas, jeremy, wei sing n pei jun, steven n shuk hui, ah khin n enid, kuok wu at SomeRset hoTel.

Somerset Hotel

View from 16th floor

Kuching City

On the 24th of Dec, me, wei sing, steven n enid go to shopping for our dinner at everise while waiting jeremy, lucas n ah khin. We gather at somerset hoter around 2p.m for the check in. But we face some problem wiv the keys of the room, it's hard for us to open the door n the small room. And i'm reali angry wiv the receptionist attitude bcoz she seems to ignore our request for help. This reali show their poor services. At last, we settle tis wiv the owner of the room by calling them to open the small room for us. After that, me going to buy tidbits wiv lucas them and doing some preparation of our dinner. At 3.30p.m., me, wei sing, lucas, steven and jeremy go to the fitness centre. But the centre juz allowed 4 person per room to enter it, so we put jeremy aeroplane n he go back to room bcoz he hav no choice. After hanging half and hour at the fitness centre, we direct o to sauna for another half and hour. Then, we go to swim for a while and try the steam. We reali suffer in the steam room bcoz it's hard for us to breath and the hot water also keep on hurting us.

'Steam room'

We go back to our room around 5p.m. something and prepare our dinner. Lucas is the one who being the chef while d others juz busy playing MaHjoNG!!! All of us was exhausted becoz we waste too much energy on the Somerset facilities. Lucas and jeremy sleep around 7.00p.m. But lucas wake up at 11.00p.m. for BEER but jeremy juz continue his dream becoz he is siCK. Kuok Wu come join us at 2.am. after coundwn at travillion. After few more rounds of maHjong, all of us bEtahAn and going to be the slip GoD!!

On the 25th of dec, we wake up around 10.30am. like tat, after having our breakfast, we go to triple 'S' (swim, sauna, steam). Below are all the photo from ah khin HP. Check it out~~~

Hahaha, although all of us playing and fooling around juz like kids, but i'm happy becoz thr's so many frenz celebrate my burfday together wiv christmas. And btw, i'm turning in to 19 after tis burfday.... Nex year celebration----> 2o years old burfday cum christmas (planning to celebrate it at KL)