Monday, January 29, 2007

Rover Trip to Gunung Gading~

Rover Scouts from 05th Kuching Scout are having one day trip a Gunung Gading on yesterday (28th Jan), and this trip was organized by our own rover head, Mr Ong Chin Ann (Tua Pao Ong) himself.

*Person on the left, Mr. Tua Pao Ong

At the night before trip, me, ah ong and ah choi are going to jeremy house for overnight because chee shing are going to fetch us in the early of the morning sekaligus at 7.30a.m. At jeremy house, we enjoy the 'Durian Cake' that made by Jeremy's mom and it's reali delisious. Besides tat, guess what're we doing at jeremy house??

*We're playing this things (mahjong) start from 11.oop.m until the next day 5.30p.m.

After mahjong, jeremy go to have a nap. Me, Ah Ong and Ah Choi are watching DVD because we planned to watch until chee shing come. But three of us fall asleep and wake up around 7.30a.m. after Alvin Tang's calls. We asked Ah Ong whether he wanna to cancel the trip or not because the rain was too big. Although some of us are wish to cancel the trip because the day are too 'song' for sleeping but we have to follow our rover head order which are keep going on our trip. Chee Shing arrive jeremy house at 8.00a.m to fetch us and we're going to MJC to gather with all the rovers and having our breakfast. I was shocked when I arrived the kopitiam because i found that not only four of us are not having enough sleep but Frederick, Aaron, Gary and Lau Ungz are also did'nt sleep because they playing 'dota' until 4 sth a.m. "Holy Shit!! May god bless us" We start our journey after having breakfast. We're not feeling sleepy in the car because we're too excited to go having fun.

*Journey start

We arrive at Gunung Gading after one and a half hour route. When we arrive, we keep on thinking the alternative activities because we scare we cant BBQ if the rain keep falling. But at last, we still settle it down in Gunung Gading because we found a shelter with BBQ pit.

*Arrive destination


After paying the entrance fees, we start carrying our things to the shelter and Ah Ong start dividing job to everyone. Me, frederick and Lau Ungz quickly to be a volunteer and ask Ah Ong to give us a job, guess wat's that job?? Hahahaha, we are too clever liaw because that's the easier job, mixing the lychee water.

*This is just what that us need to do, 'Pao Jui'

*This is what the others do, being 'bangkaleh' and 'consultant' while ligthing the fire

While some other ppl are lighting the fire for BBQ, we have to find ourself some activities to do to wait the sausages and chicken wings to be ready. And that activities are....

*Can you see what us doing?

*Frederick (left) & Ah Choi (right)

When the sausages and chicken wings are ready to be eat.



*Everyone are so hardworking now for snatching the sausages and wings into their plate

*Nice style of eating from Gary

*Nonono!! I wont give u my chicken wings although you're poiting the knife to me

After we finish eating, guess wat?? It's time for fun!!

*Aaron, are you scare when you see this, we're going to continue the 'underwear story : part 3" next time

*The water is too cold, wow~~

*Aaron is afraid to go down

*Nice massaging

*Chee Shing : "I want more chicken wings and sausages"!!

*Poor Ah Choi, he's not dare to go play in the water, so he just can helping us to control the fire

*At last, we come to this jungle pool for fun after we tidy up the place we use just now

What else do we do during this trip?? Ya~~ There's new experience for all of us, we open and eat the watermelon inside the jungle pool. Crazy hor~~ We end our journey at about 4.oop.m. and all of us dismiss and go home after having some drinks at Pasar Lundu. And there's another crazy thing that done by me, ah ong, jeremy and chee shing by the road side of Bau, we use the bus stop as our toilet because we cant find any toilet ad we cant hold it anymore. We arrive jeremy house at around 5.30p.m., and guess what?? We're not going home to rest but we continue this at jeremy house!!!

*We play until 8.30p.m. It's Beyong GODLIKE!!!