Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No Exam Tips because of "FUCKER"

This happen on yesterday when i'm going to moral studies lecture for the exam tips. Because i'm a repeat student for this course, so I know that my lecturer will giv us the exam tips on the last lecture, whereby our exam is on next week.

The lecture start on 5.30p.m, at the beginning, the lecturer cover the end of the last chapter with us first. There's many student ask him about the tips but he said that there's no tips. But me and wei sing are confident that he sure will give it before he end this lecture. So, I'm having a nap before the TIPs section. After 45 minutes, some laugh sound wake me up, and I'm very 'hek' because the lecturer having finish the last chapter. So, i just try to listen to what the lecturer teach. During this time, the attendance list is passed until my desk, I'm quickly sign it and helping many of my friends to sign then i continue paying attention to the lecturer. Finally, the lecturer finish the last chapter around 6.35p.m.

Yeah~~~ I know that now is the time for tips, and wei sing already take out his paper and pen while i'm also move my hand into my bag for these stuff. Suddenly, the lecturer shout after he looking at the attendance list.....

Lecturer: Who did this??

Student: ......

Lecturer: This action really make me angry, how can you people do this, do you know that this is an official document and i need to pass it to the admin after this.

Student: What happen?

Lecturer: Who wrote FUCKER in the attendance list??

Student: OMG!!! (looking around)

Lecturer: Do you people think that this is fun?? I'm still not so angry just now although you people are so noisy in the class, but this really make me angry and that's all for today.

Student: ......

@lex: (looking at wei sing) walau eh~~

Lecturer: Who wrote this "fat fucker" beside this student name?

Student: Who's that?

Lecturer: Who is xxxxxx xxx? And where is he?

@lex: (looking at wei sing and smile) *Maiku, this kind of things also can play...

Student: He is absent~~~

Lecturer: Do you people think this word very nice kah? It's so sham and make people angry, you imagine that If the Agong or Sultan teaching you and see this word, he sure be very angry. You people go try and write "FUCKER" on the wall of your house lah, you think your parents will just close one eyes ah....

Student: ......

@lex:*Why talk until Agong and Sultan there ki?

Lecturer: You think you write the FUCKER in the attendance list then I'll fuck you kah? If you ask me to fuck your mother I also don't want ah...

Student: ......

@lex & wei sing: (smile) *Walau eh, so serious meh?

Lecturer: You people really make me angry this time. Do you people see this, this is the exam paper, I'm already plan to give you people the tips but i have change my mind. That's all for today!!!

Student: ......

@lex:*Maicibei, waste my time nia?

Ah Ting: Walau eh, no tips liaw.

Wei sing: Ngaiti...

@lex: Damn lah, who's hand so itchy, play lah. Make us 'bo kang tau' ki. What should us do now leh?

Wei Sing: Go home lah, what can you do kok??

@lex: Cibei ah tat person who write that? Reali a FUCKER ah.

Arh~~ This is what happen on yesterday class, and that bastard really make us 'mahuan'. Damn, no tips for this exam. Need to go to other lecture class and see whether the lecturer will give or nt? And this is really wasting my time!!! Shit FUCKER!!!