Monday, February 05, 2007

"China Dolls' in Kuching

Start from 1st to 16th of feb, the new shop house opposite the Express Bus Terminal at 4 1/2 miles are having the 'night market' of selling chinese new year stocks and furniture exhibition. To attract more customers, the organiser has prepare various of performance start from the 2nd days to the last days. The 1st performance start with the Lion Dance and followed by the dance performance from the 'China Dolls" (stated in the programme list that give by the organiser).

1st, i still thought that the real 'china dolls' will come to performance on the stage. Lots of my friends are going there to find me and lucas because we have a stall at there also. When the "China Dolls' performance start, we can see from the far that there is three girls dancing on the stage. We all feel curious because we thought that the real 'China Dolls' only have 2 person, but why there's another extra one. So, we decide to walk until the stage and see what happen, when we walk until the stage there, AdumAk~~~ We all 'PeNG' ki because this is what we saw!!

*This is the 'China Dolls' that perform on the stage.

*WalAu eh~~ mAlaysia pure 'Ah Gua'

*The 'Ah Gua' leader

They not only performance once on that night, the photo I take is their last performance. They still got dance in hOt pants with Coco Lee song and some other hot muSic.

*FinAlly, the show have come to the end!!

Oh My GoD~~ This are the 'China Dolls' that named by the organiser, we really get trick by the name "China Dolls" that show in the programme list. Luckily the Lion Dance performance on that night is not using 'aH guA' lion. If there's is 'Ah Gua' lion dance in this world, can you imagine how it looks like??? May be look like tis~~