Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Time Is Not Enough!!!

Arhh~~ There's been a long time i didn't post anything in my blog. Because of what?? Erm... There're many factors, but the major one is the things called "ASSIGNMENT"... Everyday sit in front of computer just doing assignment, and.. dota (juz few hours).... But after spending time doing assignment in front of the computer, sure need some time to relax by palying dota lor.. If i still continue doing typing after doing assignment.. Omg~~~ i'm going to be crazy~~

So, I didn't post anything in my blog, checking mail, and finding online resourses for my own use for a long time oledi. But now, assignment is finish, final coming next week. What i can do now is study for the final, and stop playing dota, for this 2 weeks only lah. Coz i wouldn't quit dota. AFter my final exam, then i can concerntrate in my blog, cause there're too many posting that i kept, i will realease it all after final exam. God Luck to me in the final exam.. Amen!!!