Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life is so Unpredictable!!!

Few months ago before my final exam, should be September of 2007, I went to Lundu trip together with my classmate. All of us have a fun time during that trip because most of us like the beach, and the view of the ocean was so nice also. There's some photos that we took duting that trip.

But few month after that trip, I have lost two of my friends and it's the same ocean that bring away their life, the ocean that I think it's beautiful. Because of the phobia, many of my friends was afraid of going to beach and play at the ocean since that incident happen.

After that incident, I start to appreciate what I have now, especially family and friendship because we will never figure out what will happen to us next. As we know, life is so unpredictable!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

My Privilege Book

I just got myself this book few days ago from my friend with RM35. Because many of my friend want it, so i decide to call angie and help my friend to get it from her directly. Many of my friend wanted to buy this book because they think that the free movie ticket which cost Rm48 is already worth for it. And we found it useful for us also because there are discount from some restaurant that we always go.

Ya, don't forget!! For those people who wanted to buy this book, you can get them at the roadshow in Boulevard Concourse Floor on 19-20 January from 10.30am to 9pm , or at tHe Spring from Sheer unique (mobile telephone and accessories) booth From 10.30am to 9pm.

You can also get your own limited edition myprivilegebook plush toy during the roadshow while stock lasts. Member price is RM5.00 only (please present your membership card to redeem the offer), for non-members, you have to pay RM10.00. And part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

For more information about this book, please feel free to visit And for those people who miss the roadshow on this weekend, we can purchase it from me. Call 0168824155 or 0135757663 to find me if you want it. See you guys this weekend at Boulevard.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sad memories of year 2007

Yeah, I'm back for the update after disappear for about 2 months. At the beginning, I didn't do any update because of my final exam which start on November. But something terrible happen and this really hurts me. Two of my friends have left us because of the incident which happen on 28th of November 2007 at Lundu.

I really can't believe it when we received the call while I'm watching movie at Riverside with some friends. Everyone was shocked, and nobody knows what to do. The final decision is go to Lundu and find the others to know what really happen. What we hope is just joking from the others at Lundu, we don't want it to be real.

Before we reach there, we know that this was not a joke already because we heard from the policemen when we stop by the Lundu police station. When we reach the resort at about 11pm something, we get to know how the incident really happen from our friend. Everyone was so sad because one of my friend have leave this world already during that time, and there is still another who haven't got found by the rescue team.

We never expect this to be happen because all of us just finish the final exam the day before. I can see tears drop from many people eyes. And my heart was so pain during that time. By walking around the beach, all of us hope can find the one who lost. More and more friends come to Lundu to help in the search, but we can't find him. I leave Lundu at about 2am something, but there is still some friends who stay at there to continue the search.

I read the newspaper next day and i really angry with the things that wrote by the reporter. Because it's bull shit to said that the resort got their own lifeguard. The worst things is there are still someone who from the resort said they can't do anything when one of my friend ask for the help to save our friends. And the safety facilities of that resort was really sucks. What we really have to thanks is the villagers who save some of my friend but not the resort.

We really hope our friend can be save, but I felt disappoint again when his body was found 2 days after. 2 of my friends have leave this world so suddenly, everyone was so sad, especially when we are at their funeral. All of us are friends who always been together during school time, playing dota, gathering, and trip.

It has been a month already, but there are still pains in our heart. Our beloved Hao and Sian, we will always remember both of you. There are some word from our friends, Hao, you are always the most handsome guy in out heart and Sian, you are always the nice nice guy in our heart. The god will always be with you guys and the angel with become your friends. We will missed you guys forever.

Rest in peace my buddy, ~~Hao and Sian~~