Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sushi King "Buy 1 Free 1" - Part 1

I saw many blogger have post about Sushi King while everyone can buy 1 free 1 with a RM3.50 sms. I only to manage to post it now because I just finish 1 of my presentation today. With the buy 1 free 1 privilege, I went there for 2 times in the same week.

*This sms only cost RM3.50!!!

At there, we just order what ever we want to eat without consider about the price, the feel is really not same with this text message. When we order, we sekaligus hentam to the waiter only, when the sushi is coming, our table is not enough to put all our orders, so we decide to stack the same kind of sushi together.

Because I was too hungry at the beginning, I ordered a main meal, and this made me can't really eat too much of the sushi. 7 of us just manage to finish 40+ plate of sushi only.

*By including 2 sets of main meal, our total bill is just RM130. Rm50 is saved by using the sms.

*The soya sauce that finished by us!! At the beginning, the sauce is half of bottle.

*Sushi Freak (Roy)!!! He go sushi king four times a week!!!

Oops!! 5.30p.m already, have to go marketing research lecture now. There will be more coming out on part 2!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jeremy's 21st Birthday

Today, 19th March 2008 is my buddy, Jeremy 21st birthday. But we celebrate his birthday last night because today he want celebrate with his girlfriend. As usual, last night we went to a Happy Valley again. Jeremy is known as King of Beer among us, so his birthday is sure a special occasion which we not just sitting there to drink the Heineken, but we drink in different ways, which more excited.

*Jeremy (the one with light blue shirt) with Eko... Guess what their doing??

*Poking hole for Ah Q

*Yeah man, he manage to finish it in 4 second!!

*My turn~~~

~~We love Heineken~~

*What you waiting for??

This is the different way we drink our Heineken, let me show you~~

*Pour the Heineken into the container first, then....

Let's start the game

It's another fun night at Happy Valley!!! By playing like this, we finish 4 crates of Heineken in less than 2 hours. We leave Happy Valley about 12.30p.m. As usual again, we went to Petanak for supper.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ian & Roy and Ah Wu Birthday - Part 2 (14/3/2008)

Let's continue the party!!! Last night we celebrate Ah Wu birthday and for tonight, we celebrate Ian & Roy, the twins birthday.

*The 'poke hole' ceremony for birthday boys~~

*From the left, Roy, Ah Wu and Ian

Compare to the previous night, this night got more people, it's about 30 plus people. Because there was quite a lot of customers at Happy Valley, we have not enough space for everyone although we already connect 8 tables together already. We still request for more chairs where the waiter bring it for us from the back of Happy Valley. But when it's almost 12a.m, we conquer the whole Happy Valley because most of the customers are leaving already.

*Ian and Lestari

*Vincent and Boon Sie

*Everyone is going crazy!!!

*The Gangz~~

The Effect of Heineken!!!

Our party end at about 2a.m. But after that few of us continue our 'journey' at the RANGERS which located beside Hornbill Steamboat.

When we are at Happy Valley, we drink about 5 crates of Heineken, and another more crate when we are at Rangers. Same as usual, we went for Petanak for dinner after Rangers. A total up of 6 crates Heineken, 1 bottle of French Vodka, 2 cakes, crazy, fun and supper conclude the night. And this is what happen to me when I reach home.

~~~~ Hang Over~~~~

Ah Wu, Ian and Roy Birthday - Part 1 (13/3/2008)

Three of my friends, Ian, Roy and Ah Wu birthday was on 14th March. Last Thursday, 13/3/2008, we first celebrate Ah Wu birthday at Happy Valley and Ian & Roy was there also. And guess what, Happy Valley Tauke Nio birthday is on this day also.
*Ah Wu is 22 years old liaw~~

*From the left, Roy, Ah Wu (Star of the night) and Ian

*Play from inside until outside

*Smallfish, thankz for cutting the cake for us

For the whole night, it's all about Heineken!!! And we have ordered 4 crates of Heineken for the night, but if not mistaken, I think a Valley Tauke Nio still got treat us about half crates of Heineken.

*Heineken again.......

*Heineken Kok... Ya, still got Dunhill~~~

After Heineken, It's Ah Q again~~ Everyone was very happy when he's being kacau, although he looks very kolian sometime but none of us will stop kacau him because of this.
*Ah Q, sorry for always taking the photo of your funny face, haha~~
( He looks like crying rite?? Actually he's sleepy liaw)

*Ah Q and Frederick!! 2 of u so GAY lah!!!

*Steve and Steven!!

We swap from the front of Happy Valley to the back of it because the front close on 12a.m. something. We continue at the back until 3a.m. something then go for supper at Petanak. But the party is not over yet, Ian & Roy is going to celebrate their birthday at the Next Day, Same Place and Same Time!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Eat, Drink and Sleep

Last Saturday Night, after finish work at the Unimas PC Fair, I went to Happy Valley my friends to have our dinner and "lim teh".

*My dinner, Curry Chicken Rice

*BBQ Lamb Chop

*Side Dish, French Fries


While having our dinner, we also waiting for our friend, Ah Q to come find us "lim teh". When he arrived, we order more Heineken to spend our night. Because of too tired and tambah some of the HEINEKEN fault, few of my friends fall asleep at Happy Valley.

*My friend, Ah Q with his "mao zhe dong" t-shirt.

*Ian is too tired after worked at PC Fair

*Cute leh, Ah Q has fallen again!!!

So, we spend whole night at Happy Valley with 1 crate plus of Heineken. After that, we going to Petanak to have our supper. (Oh My Gosh, eat again, I'm really getting fatter and fatter recently.) What to do, this is our life, EAT, DRINK, SLEEP is the best for us!!!


UNITE'08 is a Pc Fair that organized by Unimas on last Friday until Sunday. I worked for PC Image to sell IT accessories at there. And this is the most "cold" pc fair that I ever seen. The cold I mean is not much people going and there are more sales person than the customers.

*Pak Ho Xin, no customer

*All of them are sales person but not customer.

This PC Fair is too boring and free, so guess what we do during this fair while there is no customer.



*Making silly face

*Playing with cameras

*Zo Wu Zo Bo

*Playing computer games

And luckily we can detect wireless at there, so by using the demo laptop that displayed on the laptop booth, we still can......

So, this is what we do for the past 3 days during the PC Fair, and at the last day after we pack all our stock, the place become a mess. As we know, we can leave it to the organizer because our job is done already.
*This is what we called "RESPONSIBLE", haha!!