Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sushi King "Buy 1 Free 1" - Part 1

I saw many blogger have post about Sushi King while everyone can buy 1 free 1 with a RM3.50 sms. I only to manage to post it now because I just finish 1 of my presentation today. With the buy 1 free 1 privilege, I went there for 2 times in the same week.

*This sms only cost RM3.50!!!

At there, we just order what ever we want to eat without consider about the price, the feel is really not same with this text message. When we order, we sekaligus hentam to the waiter only, when the sushi is coming, our table is not enough to put all our orders, so we decide to stack the same kind of sushi together.

Because I was too hungry at the beginning, I ordered a main meal, and this made me can't really eat too much of the sushi. 7 of us just manage to finish 40+ plate of sushi only.

*By including 2 sets of main meal, our total bill is just RM130. Rm50 is saved by using the sms.

*The soya sauce that finished by us!! At the beginning, the sauce is half of bottle.

*Sushi Freak (Roy)!!! He go sushi king four times a week!!!

Oops!! 5.30p.m already, have to go marketing research lecture now. There will be more coming out on part 2!!!