Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sushi King "Buy 1 Free 1" - Part 2

Continue with the previous post, the second time I go to Sushi King with the buy 1 free 1 privilege, I didn't order the main meal but just the sushi only, and this time we eat more than the 1st time.

*We never miss the salmon~~

*California Maki, one of our favourite~~

*Salmon Skin Roll, my favourite~~

*Things that I don't dare to eat, Eggs and Seasoned Octopus, Yuckksss!!!

*The table is not enough to put our order~~

*Guess how many plate of sushi we ate???

* The pink plate!!!

All of us rest for few weeks from eating sushi again. But the next time we go would be end of this month, April. Because we can eat each kind of sushi with just RM2 per plate. There is only 4 days promotion but I'm not so sure about the date, SHOULD be start from 21st of April. Will confirm the date again.