Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Assignment Checklist!!!

Mid term break is on next week, more and more assignments are going to due soon and there is a mid term exam for me after the break. Haihzzz, really have to stop playing around and concerntrate in my study liaw, sienzzz~~

Marketing Planning Presentation - 27 March 2008

Marketing Planning Minor Report - 31st March 2008

Marketing Research 1st Assignment - 11th April 2008
**Haven't start**

The Internet and WWW 1st Assignment - 18th April 2008
**Haven't start**

Multimedia Application 1st Assignment - 21st April 2008
**Almost Done**

The Internet and WWW Mid Term Exam - 25th April 2008
**Haven't start learn**

** Safe
** So so.... should be ok
** Dangerous

God bless me!!!