Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So expensive for a movie

Last Wednesday I went to Star Cineplex to watch Step Up 2 - The Streets with my friends. This movie was quite nice but most of the people said that Step Up is better. This is because Step Up is a combination of Ballet and Street Dance. At the beginning, I thought that this movie also got mix the Ballet with Street Dance but it's end up with Street Dance only.

*The dance that performed at the end of the movie wouldn't be so cool if without the raining effect.

At first, this movie cost Rm5 only but it turns to Rm35 which we received another special 'TICKET' that cost RM30. There is 3 person drive at that night and a total of 7 of us went to watch this movie. So (RM5 x 7 =RM35) + (RM30 x 3=RM90) =RM125. This conclude that RM125 for 7 people to watch a movie in a night, so suckszzzzz!!!!!

*So, this is the special 'TICKET'!!! (Saman of parking at yellow line, so SOI ah)