Wednesday, April 09, 2008

PIKOM PC Fair (4th - 6th April 2008)

The PIKOM PC Fair 2008 was held at last weekend which is from 4th - 6th April. I didn't really take much photo during this fair because I was working as a part time for PC Image at the ACER Booth. But there's really lots of people who went to the PC Fair because every corner was jammed especially during after the lunch time. And every morning, I can see there's lot of people queuing outside the main hall before they are allowed to go in at 11a.m. sharp.

*Ah Ma also going to PC FAir, don't play play!!!

*Can you feel the crowd?? It's so hot inside the hall~~

*Every sales person was busying serving the customer, so do I also... (Busying taking photo)

After busy, sure need to have some time to rest and change some oxygen, and have to go out to cool down myself because it's totally hot inside the hall.

*Smoking break!!


: : x i n y i : : said...

wahhh... my prince charming... kekekeke... :D

@lex said...

yalor, me tiaw di upload for u to ah!!! Hahaha, u c me so nice de!!