Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wenshi's 21st Birthday

Last Sunday after the Student Council Installation Night at sarawak club (will update this post after I get some of the photo from the organiser), I went to Happy Valley to celebrate Wenshi's Birthday.
*Birthday Girl with her cake~~

*Present form her boy boy (vincent). Is the cake sweet or KISS sweet??

Now's the time to bullying the birthday girl, this is also part of gift that given by us, hahaha. I'm sure that her boyfriend will join us also. Wenshi, really so sorry, please don't blame him, he don't have choice!!!

*First, licking the cake which on the knife and fill it full into mouth.

*Bite the candle up from the cake. P.S. Watch up your hair!!!

Is there anyone dare to eat the cake that cut by the knife that have the sliver of birthday girl?? Besides that, the cake might be got the kutu from the birthday girl hair... Haha, just kiding only, don't ask vincent come smack me wor~~ Ok, it's time to eat cake.

*Stop stealing fruits from the cake, the cake become botak liaw~~

*Time to take photo~~

After bullying birthday girl, now everyone take turn to take photo with birthday girl lor.

*Sorry vincent, borrow your GF for a while, hahaha!!!

*Guess which one is Ian and which one is Roy??

*The girls, also known as three eight gang, hahaha... Soli, jk!!!

Luckily my birthday still got long time ago, still got chance to kacau those birthday boys and girls. But I know I will be very DEAD when it's my turn.


Anonymous said...

what is three eight gang??!!!

@lex said...

HAhaha, three eight means 'SAN PAK' in mandarin... Means veli kepo 1 lor, =p~~

wenshi chuchu said...

lululililala ~~
I just realize the "38" geng..
Anyways, i am so happy and touch after viewing your blog..
Thanks ya...

@lex said...

hahaha, no nid so ke qi lah~~ Friends ma, say wat leh!!! Anyway, i juz kiding with the 38 things, dn angry wor~~