Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mid Term Break

The Pikom Pc Fair at Kuching just finish last weekend, and for the next weekend which is 18th - 20th April, the fair will be reach Sibu. Next week is our mid term break, so I'm going there to do part timer for Celcom, I'm going there with Ah Wu, Lucas, Vincent, Wei Sing, Vincent and Adrian. Wow, our whole gang was going. We will be promoting the Celcom Broadband during the fair. Transportation, Meals and Accommodation are freely provided. For the salary, it's RM50 per day and everyone was very satisfied with it. All of us was very excited because next week is mid term break, and we can spent our holiday at there and earning money also. But when we come back, it's time for mid term exam!!!


Anonymous said...

dun forgot gift..."mua ci"....!!!!!

@lex said...

OkOk, don't woli... I will buy for u guys if I got time to go shopping~~ Just tell me what flavour u wan???