Friday, May 04, 2007

AARON has fallen!!!

YEah~~ IT's holiday.. And lucas is planning for BBQ at his house. WAh, when i think of BBQ, many things appear in my mind. Got pork chop (Sam Cham Bak), Heineken, Dunhill~ Omg, all is my favourites~

Many of us are going to the BBQ, me, Lucas, Wei Sing, Ah Jon, Ah Boo, Ah Fook, Frederick, Vincent, Gary, Kuok Wu, Steven and the last but not least, mr. AARON our entertainer for the night. We had fun the whole night just because of him, thankz mr. AARON, although you has fallen that night.

The reason for our mr.AARON's down fall that night is because of.... TAta~ ~See the photo below then you'll know it~~~

Here's Mr. Aaron, and Ah Q is beside him

Start to "lok dang"

Almost GG (Good Game) liaw~~

Beside Dog Cage, so cham~~

Taking Photo of Aaron peeing~~

My Fren, u can't escape, hahaha~~~

Finally, Aaron has fallen!!!