Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jeremy's 21st Birthday

Today, 19th March 2008 is my buddy, Jeremy 21st birthday. But we celebrate his birthday last night because today he want celebrate with his girlfriend. As usual, last night we went to a Happy Valley again. Jeremy is known as King of Beer among us, so his birthday is sure a special occasion which we not just sitting there to drink the Heineken, but we drink in different ways, which more excited.

*Jeremy (the one with light blue shirt) with Eko... Guess what their doing??

*Poking hole for Ah Q

*Yeah man, he manage to finish it in 4 second!!

*My turn~~~

~~We love Heineken~~

*What you waiting for??

This is the different way we drink our Heineken, let me show you~~

*Pour the Heineken into the container first, then....

Let's start the game

It's another fun night at Happy Valley!!! By playing like this, we finish 4 crates of Heineken in less than 2 hours. We leave Happy Valley about 12.30p.m. As usual again, we went to Petanak for supper.