Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ian & Roy and Ah Wu Birthday - Part 2 (14/3/2008)

Let's continue the party!!! Last night we celebrate Ah Wu birthday and for tonight, we celebrate Ian & Roy, the twins birthday.

*The 'poke hole' ceremony for birthday boys~~

*From the left, Roy, Ah Wu and Ian

Compare to the previous night, this night got more people, it's about 30 plus people. Because there was quite a lot of customers at Happy Valley, we have not enough space for everyone although we already connect 8 tables together already. We still request for more chairs where the waiter bring it for us from the back of Happy Valley. But when it's almost 12a.m, we conquer the whole Happy Valley because most of the customers are leaving already.

*Ian and Lestari

*Vincent and Boon Sie

*Everyone is going crazy!!!

*The Gangz~~

The Effect of Heineken!!!

Our party end at about 2a.m. But after that few of us continue our 'journey' at the RANGERS which located beside Hornbill Steamboat.

When we are at Happy Valley, we drink about 5 crates of Heineken, and another more crate when we are at Rangers. Same as usual, we went for Petanak for dinner after Rangers. A total up of 6 crates Heineken, 1 bottle of French Vodka, 2 cakes, crazy, fun and supper conclude the night. And this is what happen to me when I reach home.

~~~~ Hang Over~~~~