Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ah Wu, Ian and Roy Birthday - Part 1 (13/3/2008)

Three of my friends, Ian, Roy and Ah Wu birthday was on 14th March. Last Thursday, 13/3/2008, we first celebrate Ah Wu birthday at Happy Valley and Ian & Roy was there also. And guess what, Happy Valley Tauke Nio birthday is on this day also.
*Ah Wu is 22 years old liaw~~

*From the left, Roy, Ah Wu (Star of the night) and Ian

*Play from inside until outside

*Smallfish, thankz for cutting the cake for us

For the whole night, it's all about Heineken!!! And we have ordered 4 crates of Heineken for the night, but if not mistaken, I think a Valley Tauke Nio still got treat us about half crates of Heineken.

*Heineken again.......

*Heineken Kok... Ya, still got Dunhill~~~

After Heineken, It's Ah Q again~~ Everyone was very happy when he's being kacau, although he looks very kolian sometime but none of us will stop kacau him because of this.
*Ah Q, sorry for always taking the photo of your funny face, haha~~
( He looks like crying rite?? Actually he's sleepy liaw)

*Ah Q and Frederick!! 2 of u so GAY lah!!!

*Steve and Steven!!

We swap from the front of Happy Valley to the back of it because the front close on 12a.m. something. We continue at the back until 3a.m. something then go for supper at Petanak. But the party is not over yet, Ian & Roy is going to celebrate their birthday at the Next Day, Same Place and Same Time!!!