Monday, March 03, 2008

Eat, Drink and Sleep

Last Saturday Night, after finish work at the Unimas PC Fair, I went to Happy Valley my friends to have our dinner and "lim teh".

*My dinner, Curry Chicken Rice

*BBQ Lamb Chop

*Side Dish, French Fries


While having our dinner, we also waiting for our friend, Ah Q to come find us "lim teh". When he arrived, we order more Heineken to spend our night. Because of too tired and tambah some of the HEINEKEN fault, few of my friends fall asleep at Happy Valley.

*My friend, Ah Q with his "mao zhe dong" t-shirt.

*Ian is too tired after worked at PC Fair

*Cute leh, Ah Q has fallen again!!!

So, we spend whole night at Happy Valley with 1 crate plus of Heineken. After that, we going to Petanak to have our supper. (Oh My Gosh, eat again, I'm really getting fatter and fatter recently.) What to do, this is our life, EAT, DRINK, SLEEP is the best for us!!!


job said...

did your friend really fall asleep..never came across to me with this kind of situation..kind of funny though..:)

@lex said...

hahaha, ya~~ He is really sleeping and he did it everytime when he drink too much of beer. But he will wake up in a while and continue to drink, weird rite??