Monday, March 03, 2008


UNITE'08 is a Pc Fair that organized by Unimas on last Friday until Sunday. I worked for PC Image to sell IT accessories at there. And this is the most "cold" pc fair that I ever seen. The cold I mean is not much people going and there are more sales person than the customers.

*Pak Ho Xin, no customer

*All of them are sales person but not customer.

This PC Fair is too boring and free, so guess what we do during this fair while there is no customer.



*Making silly face

*Playing with cameras

*Zo Wu Zo Bo

*Playing computer games

And luckily we can detect wireless at there, so by using the demo laptop that displayed on the laptop booth, we still can......

So, this is what we do for the past 3 days during the PC Fair, and at the last day after we pack all our stock, the place become a mess. As we know, we can leave it to the organizer because our job is done already.
*This is what we called "RESPONSIBLE", haha!!


mac said...

the wireless service in some country is still not at a decent level..but people do pay high for it

@lex said...

Yalah, no choice for those ppl who really need it..