Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wearing Green Cap (Dai Luk Mo)

Do anyone know what is "Dai Luk Mo" mean?? Hahaha~~ I think most of the Chinese know this term lah hor. If got people said that you're wearing a green cap "Dai Luk Mo", means that your girlfriend or wife is "running lion (Zao Sai)" ( having another boyfriend) behind of you.

Before Chinese New Year, I went for a hair cut at Ah Lung's saloon, my friend help me dye my hair into green colour. At the beginning, I plan to dye purple colour but my friend help me to change it to green because he said that many people already dye purple colour, he ask me don't follow people, so i agree with him lor. And below is the result of my friend work.

I really like the new colour of my hair because I doesn'e look so fancy. Buy many of my friend suan me and said that my hair looks like wearing a green cap. But nevermind, I just give them suan because I don't have girlfriend, haha~~~ How you people think about my hair???