Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life is so Unpredictable!!!

Few months ago before my final exam, should be September of 2007, I went to Lundu trip together with my classmate. All of us have a fun time during that trip because most of us like the beach, and the view of the ocean was so nice also. There's some photos that we took duting that trip.

But few month after that trip, I have lost two of my friends and it's the same ocean that bring away their life, the ocean that I think it's beautiful. Because of the phobia, many of my friends was afraid of going to beach and play at the ocean since that incident happen.

After that incident, I start to appreciate what I have now, especially family and friendship because we will never figure out what will happen to us next. As we know, life is so unpredictable!!!


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I am sorry to hear the way, you went to a really nice place..