Monday, October 29, 2007

Hong Kong Noodles House

OMG!!! I keep on eating duck in this month. Bo pien, Hong Kong Noodles House got promotion, 1 whole roasted duck for only RM25!!! I guess I already been there for 3 or 4 times in this month just because of the duck.

*RM25 only for this whole duck ,look so delicious~

*Hmm.. say goodbye to the dUCk!!

* Q, dn keep on look at the menu liaw~~

*Ah Q so concentrate in eating his noodle and ducK~~

*Don't bother me!!! =p~~

For those who like to eat duck, I suggest that you should go try the roasted duck promotion at Hong Kong Noodle House before the promotion end. But now, duck is enough for me already, I would like to go Country Court to try the roasted chicken, 1 whole roasted chicken for only Rm12.80~~


ethan said...

Dint know you like "duck" so much. LOL

@lex said...

hahaha, wat ur "duck" mean?? I like the eating 1, not GIGOLO wor~~

Sarah said...

omg. so hungry after seeing all those pics =.='''


@lex said...

hahaha~~~ juz c this nia then u hungry, there is so much delicious food in kuching kok~~

Sarah said...