Saturday, November 17, 2007

Swinburne Prom Night 2007 (Performances)

Many swinburne student have take part in the performances of Swinburne Prom Night 2007 - Frozen In Time. There are overall 10 performances, 9 are from swinburne students and 1 is the guest performance which is the Shuffle Performance from Hazard Minorz. For the 9 swinburne performances, they are competing for the best performance prize which allow them to win a RM300 cash prize.

List of performance
  1. Alda - Medley
  2. Fabiola - Chinese song
  3. Ah Pui & Strawberry - Shuffle
  4. Farah - Tiada Lagi
  5. Shafiq - Chinese song
  6. Alda & Aldie - All my life
  7. Zhang Si Hang - Cantonese Song
  8. Swinburne Dance Sport Club - Self Mixed
  9. Hudy and gangz - Life Band
  10. Guest Performance – Hazard Minorz
Below is the performaces photo of that night.

On that night, Farah who sang the song "Tiada Lagi - Mayang Sari" won the Best Performance but the other 8 performances are also getting the consolation prize. And a special thanks for our guest performance - Hazard Minor. Everyone are doing a great job on that night and that makes the Swinburne Night 2007 a memorable night.

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Ehon said...

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