Saturday, May 17, 2008

When Graphic Designer Get Bored!!

What will you do when you feel bored?? For me, may be i will just online, blogging, hanging out with friends, eat and sleep. But for graphic designer, they can use their knowledge and skills when they're bored. Below is some photo that edited by them.

*Frog with orange skin!!!

*Is this idea come from the movie "CJ7"??

*Want to have some kiwi??

*Red Alert!!!

*Poison Banana!!!

*Animals or Plants??

*The sign prove that it is a "lady" bugs!!

*Prepare to die!!!

*Want to try this "jet coaster"??

*I'm the captain.

*Space War!!!

*Painting nails for giant??

*Olympic Champion

*Which one should I use for today??


*World map

*Is there anything behind me??

*We are gangster panda with tattoo!!!

*Please don't use too much "Crocodile" product!!

*Say goodbye to everyone!!!

*It is very obvious that I'm poison!!

So, now we know what will happen when graphic designer get bored. But with their skills and knowledge, we can also look a their "project" when we're bored. I'm taking graphic design course also, may be I will become one of them when I'm bored after I master all my design skills and knowledge.


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