Saturday, December 02, 2006

fiNallY, AnTaC's cuMinG!!

yeaH Yeah~~ d antac's wil start on 4th of dec, stil hav 1 day left.... fiNally, all the things tat start prepared half years ago is cuming nw..... Haha~~ i can finish my big project soon liaw, which is tis antac lor... After tis 5 days 4 nites camp, i can b more free...

A lot's of my own things hav been throw to d back of my mind since the district camp is cuming.... Bsides tat, i oso return back to swinburne 4 my LAN subject nw, hav to pay more attention to the subject coz i dn wan to fail anymore (it's suffer 4 wating to repeat the course ah).. Hahaha, from nw onwad, i nid to avoid from skipping any claz although i hav oledi skip the 1st 2 weeks claz, =p.... The worst things is---- i hAV to start my assignments lor... Arh~~~

I'll going up to Santubong 2molo 4 the antac preparation b4 d actual day.. hope tat everything can b well done by all the committees so tat everythings can b proceed veli smooth... but d unlucky 1 is~~ all of us nid to slip in the modern tent bcoz we're nt allowed to slip in d hall... But tis is nt a big problem 4 a scout....

tired, tired tired~~~ Haven pack yet... Sure nid to wake up veli early 2molo morning... I think i should slip earlier liaw... Hahaha~~ juz wish tat tis antac can b veli successfully done.... Juz wan to say all d best to all the committees of tis year... Kampateh~~~ Do ur bestzZZ!!!