Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Finally~~ To Degree I Go

Wow, it's quite a long time i didn't post already because i'm too busy. I have to go work before Chienese New Year, go visiting & "earn money" during Chinese New Year, and do my school things after Chinese New Year. May be 'rabbit' is lucky during this year, I win quite a lot money during Chinese New Year (aiyo, you people know how i win lah hor), and the most happy things during Chinese New Year is i passed my LAN subject already.

Do you know what this mean? Hahaha~~ Finally i can go to for the degree after wasting 1 year. I need to go swinburne to enrol for the subject (Bachelor of Multimedia - Businss Marketing) on the 22nd of february. Because the class start on 26th of february, so that i'm quite busy and have no time to post any blog because i need to complete many registration such as Yayasan Loan, Leadership Scholarship. Besides that, i also need to photostating some textbooks that need to be used.

The first week is gone already, and i was quite enjoy studying some of the subjects such as Design for Multimedia, Internet ad WWW, Quantity Analysis. The only one subject that make me stress is the Marketing Concept. And i really hope that i can pass all these subjects this semester. Tell you guys somethings else lah, i also hope that i can get scholarship which mean i need to get at least all distinction for the four subjects. Wish me luck!!!