Monday, February 12, 2007

Final Exam

Our final exam is on 5th and 6th of Febraury. Everyone are busying study for final exam. For those who like us, sure do last minute work de. Although we already have not enough time for the revision, but we still 'be kia si'. Say is study lah, but u think we really got study ah?? Hahaha, don't say no study at all lah, al least gt a BIT lor~~

2 nights before final exam (3 February 2007)


*Frederick & Steve learning mahjong skills from the DVD

*Cook "moI"

*Believe or not, me study ah~~

After 20 minutes


Oh My God!!! The first night is gone......

The Day before final exam (4 February 2007)
Day Time~

*Early early go school library study moral studies

*Hardworking leh~~

*After half and hour

*Mr. Tan Wei Sing is study

*After half and hour, start play liaw.

(He said he should use confusion style to study Confusionism) x_x

*"Sat" leh, no people worry about exam

Night Time~

*"puek Ko"

*Guess what so interesting??

*Know what happen boi, everyone is watching TV~

*So relax ah~~ Still holding the lecture note

*Actually i'm watching TV also

Exam start tomorrow. Luckily, we still manage to do our moral studies exam. I'm happy after this test because i'm sure that i'll pass my moral studies this time. Hahaha, confident leh, all is because of the exam 'tips'. God really bless us for this exam!! After the moral studies exam, i already plan to learn my malaysian studies, the test is on the next day. But, i just plan nia, not really got work it. Too Bad!!! Me, Wei Sing and Frederick go Ah Jon House to watch movie, because in our mind... "Haiyo, tonight stil got time to study de lah"

*No worry, enjoy first (watching ghost movie)

During night time, I go to Ah Jon house for study. Guess what, I saw Ah Jon playing maple story. So, i decided to join Frederick for this~~

*Watch Crayon Sin Chan Movie

At last, we start our study around 11p.m. but we just study for about 2 hours. And this time really GG (dota language), means habis cerita!!! Do you think god will bless us during the malaysian studies exam? HaiHzzz~