Thursday, July 26, 2007

Final Exam Result out = Celebrate time!!!

Finally, my year 1 semester 1 result is out already. Luckily, I just fail 1 subject because I thought that I'll fail 2 but I'm so lucky to pass my Quantitative Analysis. I failed the subject that majority of the student pass which is the Marketing Concept. And I expected this because I have no enough time to do the exam paper, I got stomachache during the exam, so SOI~~~ I can't pass it because I need minimum 50 marks in the final exam but I just manage to pass up 50+ marks out of 100 marks, haihzzz~~ For my GPA point, I can get 2.50 which mean that I still can apply for my Yayasan Loan because I get 2 distinction for my multimedia subject, so lucky~~~
*My result, 2 D, 1P, 1N~~~

My friends, Wei Sing also failed 1 subject which is the Law In Global Business. Many people failed this subject but luckily I didn't study this subject. If not, I sure fail~~ And our survivor for this semester is Ah Kiu, he pass all the subjects. Haha, last time he promise to treat me KFC if he pass all because he also thought that he will fail at least 1 subject. Because too many people have heard what he promise, so he change it to 1 crate of "Heineken" to treat us all~~~

*Ah Kiu, the 1 who pass all the subjects among our friends~~

*1 crate of "Heineken"

*The leader of G.O.B (Gangz of Beer), Lucas Ting

*Some members of G.O.B~~

* It's me~~

Ok, what is G.O.B~~ It's "Gangz of Beers". This group is recently formed up by Lucas Ting, 1 of our friend, and there's a account in friendster. This group is for those who craves for beer, especially 'Heineken' in particular. I know that this sound a bit childish but the purpose is just want to let a group of friends gather around to have some "drinks". And without a doubt, everyone who join this group sure are"Heineken" lover~~ Although we drink other alkohol drinks, but our main choice is still "Heineken".


knicksgrl0917 said...

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@lex said...

k, i'll check it out~~

=jaecywong= said...

waaa ur course damn hard wei~ all de best in ur next sem!!! :P

@lex said...

Haihzzz, still ok lah~~ But i'm really ok lor, coz can fail 1 only~~ Anywayz, thankz a lot!!!

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Sunshine said...

i'm so glad i don't have to take exams anymore!