Thursday, July 26, 2007

StarCeleb.TV Roadshow

What is StarCeleb?? It's a reality show that will set a path to your road to stardom. There's lots of surprises, talent showcase and experiences we all can relate to in this show. This show is to search for 2 talented individuals who is ready to become a star celebrity with characteristics ofan ideal host, brand ambassador and. Each of the winner will stand a chance to win RM 25,ooo cash prizes and a year hosting / modeling contract.

This show is hosted by May Wan and Daniel Tan, both of them are talented in the field of modeling and hosting. The activities include roadshows, blogs, magazine shoots, hosting gigs and the grand finale!

In the process, the fortunate 60 contestants will be chosen through the auditions, then they will undergo an elimination process, until only 2 are left.

To find out who has the talent, charm, personality, style and X-factor to be the next star celebrity, catch it on StarCeleb~~ The next roadshow is coming, please dont't miss it!!!

*Previous Road Show at The Piazza, The Curve, PJ 21st - 22nd July.

This time is at~~~

  • Lower Ground Floor Oval, 1 Utama, PJ 28th – 29th July 2007 (11am onwards) or
  • Boulevard, Berjaya Times Square, KL 04th – 05th August 2007 (11am onwards)

There are a lots of exciting activities, fashion shows, demos & other goodies that will certainly keep you on your toes.

*Funny face from Daniel TAn

*StarCeleb Show

*The Contestants

If you want to know more about StarCeleb.TV, please go to, there's lot's of information that you can get. And you also can visit the contestants blog from the web site to know what's behind the scene. Dont' MISS it~~


aDdy said...

hey im here..haha...sueprised?going back on 2nd aug...hehhee

knicksgrl0917 said...

hey! i'm going to cali this weekend and won't be back until is the website i was talking about where i made extra summer cash. Later! the website is here

@lex said...

(addy) hahaha, yalor, so suprise~~ U mean tat u back to Kl on august har???

addy said...

Yup back to kl tat day!>.<

@lex said...

oh ic~~ HAhaha, u say wan find me but did'nt~~ NExt time when u back 2 kuching then muz find me wor, hahaha~~

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