Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Final is Over!!!

Finally, my final exam have finished at last Tuesday, and I take 1 week time to enjoy myself. Guess what, I can start playing Dota, Mo Siang, and go out to have drinks every night with friends. Yeah, I also can start blogging from now onward, besides than that, I also can find some ways to earn some money during this whole month holidays.

The most 'pek cek' thing happen after my exam is I've lost my wallet. I also don't know how's it happen, the only thing that in my wallet which i can save is my student ID. Why?? Because I didn't put my ID inside my wallet after the exam, I put it into my jacket. Although there's not much $$$ in my wallet, but there's a RM500 receipt which i needed to claim back for the graphic calculator i rent. But now it's gone, I've to pay swinburne RM5 to reissue my receipt so that i can claim back my RM500.

Other than this, I think that i need to repeat two of my final paper which is Marketing Concept and Quantitative Analysis. There is not enough time for me finish the marketing paper because there is too much question, I was able to pass up 50 marks over 100 marks only. For the Q.A, haihz~~~ I suddenly forgot all the formula during the exam, so I have left 30 marks blank in the paper. I think that there is totally no hope for me to pass this two subjects.

Anyway, I can just relax and enjoy in this holiday first, and wait for the result which come out on 23th of July. Other than that, I have to plan for my holiday because there's lots of things i need to do. I'll also putting much time in managing my blog. Hope that this holiday wouldn't be so boring!!!