Thursday, July 05, 2007

Everytime Not The Same

Today, I went to George Hair & Beauty Saloon. I really not get use to the weather this few days, it's too hot and my hair is quite long, this make me can't tahan the weather.

This is the 3rd time i go to this saloon because i was quite satisfied with the service. But my hair come out with a new style everytime I go. The 1st time is before chinese new year and my hair was look like this....

*A litter bit punk style

The 2nd time is on May, and this is how i looks like......

*This time, there's a long right tail at the back of my hair

Because the style of this time got a bit same like last time, guess what my friends said after they see me?? They asked me whether I got cut my hair or not or I just pay the money to let them style my hair because my hair is still long, not much changes at all.

Front View

*Did I cut my hair, =p

Back View

*The hair stylist spend the longest time for my back part, because he makes it become many layers.

Side View

*Wow, my hair is still long!!!

Anyway, I really satisfied of what they did to my hair, but everytime they come out with the different style. For this time, I reali like it but I just that I have to 'tahan' the hot weather. What to do, everyone sure choose to be nice looking first lor.... So am i!!! =p


superwoman said...

Where is the saloon located?

@lex said...

Erm, it's located at pending, do you know DUa Puluh Sen~~ Behind Dua Puluh Sen have a coffee shop, it's next to it~~~

superwoman said...

Erm.. not sure. :(

@lex said...

Erm.. HAhaha, hard to explain also.. But if u know pending then easy lor.. JUst located behind Dua Puluh Sen supermarket pending~~