Thursday, July 12, 2007


For my experience, I know what is transformers since i was a child but I didn't watch it. When this movie comes out, I was shock~~ Because among my friends, i'm the only one who doesn't watch this animation last time. When they say this and that about the transformers, I just can keep quite and hear only because I don't know everythings. So sad~~

So now, finally I have watch this movie in cinema. And i think this movie is cool, it's really worth for watching it. But I think I have to buy DVD for watching it again.. Guess what~~ I cant believe that i fall asleep when the movie is showing the most 'kin teo' scene which at the last part of the movie. I think i start sleep when Sam is bringing the cube to the roof top and when i wake up, I already see optimus prime saying the last few words. HAihzz, who ask me didn't sleep at the night before. All my friends 'suan' me and they said they don't understand why i can sleep when watching such kind of nice movie. Bo pien, I have to watch it again because I want to see myself how's the ending!!

Here are some of the movie poster~~

*Autobots vs Decepticons

*Guess Who is this???

*Optimus Prime

*Megan Fox is so sexy!!! (Ops~~ This is not a poster )

Yeah, Transformers is done now~~ So, the next movie is Harry Potter. I think I'm going to watch in this week, hope this movie wouldn't make me dissapoint because I have wait to watch it for so long.

*HARRY POTTER and the order of the phoenix