Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sever early Eight early (Cik Za Bek Za)

Yesterday Evening, I went to Damai Beach with my friends. The security of this year is very strict, many people have to park their cars at Santubong Resort and take the shuttles or walk to the culture village. All of us walk from Santubong Resort to Damai Beach. You can't imagine the number of people who going to this festival, it's too many~~ We didn't go to the festival because we just want to go Damai Beach to relax. At about 8p.m, we go back to town because everyone was too bored and all planned to go play 'Dota'. So we decided to go play for 1 or 2 match and come back here again because we have to fetch one of our friend who went into the rainforest festival~~~

After finish our game, it's about 12.30a.m~~ We go back to Santubong Resort to fetch our friend. We reach there about 1a.m and we have to wait our friend to take the shuttle from Culture Village. WTF, at this time we suddenly heard some noice from the tyre~~ When we go check it, we discover that the tyre is puncture~

So, what to do?? When we want to change to the spare tyre, we discover that the tyre also spoiled~~

*Stupid spare tyre, don't think that it's our hope, actually it's useless!!!

So, we just called our friend from kuching to help lor. Luckilly, our friend (Ah Siao) can help us by bringing a spare tyre for us from kuching~~ So, we just can wait for him at there.

*Omg, it's 2.34 a.m. already, so the (Cik Za Bek Za)~~

Everyone is leaving after the RainForest Festival, the carpark is going to empty!!!

While waiting our friend, we take the tyre out first~~

Our friend reach there for about half and hour time. And we really want to thanks him because need to mahuan him from kuching to bring us the tyre early in the morning. Really pai seh~~~ Anyway, thanks my friend (Ah Siao).