Monday, July 16, 2007

"PRO" Eater

During my trip to Damai yesterday evening with my friends, we stopped by Buntal there to have our dinner. So, we went to the restaurant where we always go. We didn't order much, just five dishes. Because all of us are heavy duty type, most of us eat 2 to 3 bowls of rice~~ We finished all dishes without left anythings except the fish, because we lazy to eat the meat which stuck on the bones. But one of our friend, Ah Kiu, the most heavy duty machine volunteer to finished it~~ Here's how he go.....

You can see how concerntrate he is during eating~~

He's cute, right???

*Face itchy, scratch it first~~

*Almost finish~~~

*Yeah, it' s done. Good job, my friend~~

HAhaha, himself said that we no need to scare for wasting food if we eat with him beacuse he will sure finished all the things. But from the photo above, still got left the salted vegetables leh. Also count as wasted.

Although i can also be this heavy duty machine, but i'm lose to him because i'm a lazy and choosy eater. I don't like to eat food which have many bones, tat's why I'm alwayseat chincken breast meat only, because it's boneless. Ya, don't you people believe or not, I don't eat eggs yolk, it make me vomit. Besides than this, still got many things I don't like to eat. HAha, this is why i'm always get scolded because of too choosy!!! =p So, the 'pro' eater titles among my friends still goes to Ah Kiu, my cute cute friend~~~