Wednesday, August 01, 2007

HOTLINK Harajuku Dolls Contest

In conjunction with the upcoming Gwen Stefani concert in Kuala Lumpur, Hotlink is inviting everyone to dress up their own Harajuku dolls. And Hotlink has allocated a special prize exclusive to Nuffnang bloggers so every nuffnangers do not have to compete with the millions of other people out there, just with fellow nuffnangers.

And I have created 2 Harajuku dolls to participate this contest. So, please vote for me, 1 msg is RM0.50. I know that RM0.50 is not cheap so i'm not forcing everyone to vote. And for those who vote for me, I'm really appreciate it, thank you!!!

*Send GS11490 to 28700

*Vote for Neil

*Send GS11500 to 28700

*Vote for Yumiko

Please support!!!

If any nuffnangers want to win a brand new Sony EricssonW660i, a phone that is barely out in the market yet?? Please refer to the information below~~
  1. Check out the web site
  2. Sign up and dress up your Harajuku doll.
  3. Copy and paste a picture of your Harajuku doll on your blog to encourage your readers to vote for you.
  4. If your doll has the highest number of votes by the end of the contest, you will win yourselves a new Sony Ericsson W660i.
  5. Remember to email a link of your entry to
Terms and conditions~~
  • Winners will need to present their Maxis Hotlink sim card in order to collect their prizes.
  • Nuffnangers who participate for this exclusive prize are not eligible to win other prizes open to the public.
For those who are not nuffnagers, you can also participate this contest. And there are more prizes waiting for you people. Please log on for more information.

So, in the words of Gwen Stefani herself
"Tick Tock Tick Tock... What you waiting for???"


jaecywong said...

ehhhh very nice leh ur harajuku dolls!! XD envy envy!! too bad i can't vote for u~ :( in australia mar.. sowie lo! hope u win the hp lor! mauh!

conan_cat said...

eh you also got take part ah?? cool wor~~ :D i see many ppl taking part liao haha... gambate!!

Beck Lim said...


@lex said...

(jaecywong) Hahaha, nvm~~ Anyway, thankz for ur support~~

@lex said...

(conan_cat) yalor, many ppl take part, how bout u??

@lex said...

(beck lim) Hahaha, want to promote myself mah, =p~~ Jk, jus wanna to play play only, c can win or not??

Beck Lim said...

我有时候也玩这些 但是这个似乎玩不过~

travelphilippines said...

oh my f^%$#& gwen is coming to malaysia. i wanna gooooooooooo.. i cant missss this.

@lex said...

(beck lim) i juz play play only lah, dn think will win, hahaha~~~

@lex said...

(travelphilippines) Haha, then juz go~~ Dn miss it wor!!!