Saturday, August 18, 2007

Graduation Ceremony *updated

OMG, I didn't update my post for about 2 weeks already. So, what I'm going to write first?? Erm.. I think I'll write a post about my foundation ceremony first.

So, my Graduation Ceremony was on this Tuesday. And I really woke up very very early in the morning because every graduands have to arrive at Dewan Undangan Negeri by 8.00a.m., but sure got some people who late de lah~~ I was following Wei Sing car and we arrive there around 8.10a.m. because there are too many traffic jam.

When we reach there, we register ourself first, and I get my seat number which is B4. Then we go take our graduation grown. Haihz, so sayang because there is no cap for foundation one~~ Then we find Ah Kiu, our friend who reach there quite early. After that, we just wait and wait and wait because the event start at 10.00a.m. And three of us feel very 'pek cek'. And we feel very hungry also, sigh~~ Without wasting our time, we took some photo while we're waiting for the event to start.

*The first photo before Ah Kiu tidy up his tie~~

*YEah, @lex is here!!

*The Bamboo, Wei Sing

*This is Ah Kiu, the one who always appear in my blog

*Know why I call Wei Sing (left 1) as BAMBOO!!

*With Henry (middle) degree holder for engineering~~

*They are twins!!!

*Cute Graduand Bears. Sayang I didn't buy~~

Haihzz, after take photo, it's just about 9a.m. So, we decide to go outside to have some fresh air!! This is what I mean, hehehe~~~

*Are we spoiling swinburne image??

*This guy really got "tauke" style!!

After that, we start getting tired and hungry, so we just walk here and walk there to wash our eyes (guys sure know what i mean lah hor) until the event start.

Guess what happen when the graduation start??

*This Ah Kiu sleep until like tat in the hall when the vice chancellor is giving his speech~

After the ceremony, we faster take our group photo then go out to have our refreshment which already prepared by the University. And we really eat a lot, we filled our plate until the waiter tell us that we no need take so much first because we can refill. But no people care, just take and take and take nia, hahaha~~ After everything is done, we plan to go back to school because we still got class later.

*The crystal light in the D.U.N hall, guess what's the price??

*The weather is too HOT, so i took off my grown~~

*My Foundation Certificate!!!

*Everyone return this back to the university, but my friend and I didn't, =p~~ Keep it for memory!!

Here's the video clip that edited by Adeline~~

If you want to see more photo, please click the link below~~

So, this post is done. Then, still got... Swinburne City Tour, Kuching Festival Band Display, Girl Scout Pioneering Competition, and Friends from Japan are coming up soon~~


J@n!ce said...

Lex, congrates on your graduation :)

@lex said...

thank u veli much~~~

fattien said...

Congratulation dude!!!! look smart!!

@lex said...

hehehe, sure lor, me grasuate bo, sure need to looks smart lor!!!