Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hungry Ghost Festival --> Testing the poll~~

OH, it's July in Chinese calender.... So, you people know what's the festival in Chinese calender lah hor, no need say so clearly, but sure lah, there are also some people who do not believe in this kind of things ---> GHOST~~~~ I'm just taking this post to try the PollDaddy and play play nia~~

Below got some photo, just vote for the 1 which is the scariest de... Although some of it doesn't looks like a GHOST, but I think it's scary too when you're alone~~

Which one is the scariest ??

x_X (1)
Haha, it's me~~

x_X (2)
Although this one do not looks like a ghost, but i think it will scare people away also, rite??

x_X (3)
If I see this in my dreams, I sure kenak Heart Attack!!!

x_X (4)
OmG!! This one looks so HENTAI, every girls sure scared~~

x_X (5)
Erm.. I think this one baru looks like a GHOST~~

So, it's time to choose your answer!!!


annna said...

looool.. this is fun..

宝茹 said...

Funny lah~~ :)

@lex said...

HEhe, my friend is going to kill me if they see this post~~