Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't Look Down to Girls Power

When I'm in secondary school, I'm a boy scout and I ever work together with girls who join scout. Since that time, I know that girls really can perform well, sometimes even better than boys. Recently, I just went to watch a girls scout pioneering competition, and I want to you people some photo which show that "Girls = Strong"~~~

This is what Girls also can do!!!

These are the TOP THREE pioneering project of that day, cool rite??

If you people notice the height of the gadgets, you can know that how dangerous it is. And did you see that the girls just climb up and down while building the gadget? Another thing is the team work, all of them got good team work and this show that girls are good in cooperating~~ So, in conclusion~~
"When Girls PAKAT = Boys must BEWARE"

Hmm... Why don't have me in the photo hor?? Sure need to put one lah~~~

*Guess which 1 is me??


annna said...

hahaha.. when gals PAKAT = boys BEWARE

So BETUL lar.. hahaha..

@lex said...

(annna) yeah yeah, so dangerous, have to BEWARE!!!

J@n!ce said...

I missed those fun back in the school days :)

Janice Ng

clement said...

wow, last time i was a scout too.. now a scouter... i dun use the wood to build anything anymore.. have to design real building... :P

@lex said...

(Janice) yaya, me too~~

@lex said...

(Clement) Oh, really!!! Hmm... It's fun to build building with woods lah.. But i duno design new building is how de lah, hihi~~