Thursday, August 23, 2007

JONG's Crocodile Farm

On the 4th of August, there's a city tour for the Swinburne new intake students from outstation which organized by the Swinburne Sarawak Student Council~~~

Here's the route for that day~~
Swinburne -> JONG's Crocodile Farm -> City -> Museum -> Swinburne

But this post will only show the Jong's Crocodile Farm because we spent most of our time at that place and the photo I took that day are all from there~~

The departure time been delayed for about 2 hours due to some inconvenient circumstances. And we have miss out the crocodile feeding, but luckily the farm owner has arranged another feeding time especially for us~~ A big thanks for Jong's Crocodile Farm!!!

JONG's Crocodile Farm

We reach there around 11.10a.m.~~ This feeding time is on 11.00a.m. but we can't manage to see it because it's over and we're waiting the next feeding time which is on 11.30a.m. While waiting the time, we walk around to see other things first~~~

*The skull of BUJANG SENANG!!!

*The specimen of baby crocodile.

*The eggs specimen of salt water crocodile.

*Do not touch, just for display~~ ^^

*Tailless Crocodile

*White Crocodile

There are many kinds of crocodile in the farm but I didn't take all the photo because many of the crocodiles are covered with cage also, the photo that I took are not clear, so I just delete it. Other than that, the feeding time is almost reach and we have to rush to the feeding pool for it.

Feeding Time
Feeding Show
*Ready!!! 1, 2, 3~~~

*Flying Crocodile

*Yeah~~ I got it!!!

Besides than crocodile, Jong's crocodile farm also got others animal, but I can't manage to remember all the animals name~~ Lets take a look on it!!!

*I don't know what is the name of this animal, but I know that it sleep for whole day time~~


*Cute little noisy creature (Beavers)

*Brotherly Love~~

*This is not real!!!

*Wild Boar

*This is a huge fish, but I forgot its name, sigh~~

*Big Lizard

*Cute piglet

*I hope I can keep this as pet~~

*Sweet couple!!!


These are what you can see in the Jong's Crocodile Farm. This time is the 4th time I went to this farm, and I discover that there are changes everytime I go, such as add in new animals and the changes of the landscaping. For people from other country, this is a place you must go if you come to Kuching~~

*It's time to leave~~~ To city we go!!


conan_cat said...

waa so cool one this crocodile farm :D but sometimes i also pity the animals lor got locked up in cage sad sad also... and ooo i see bear bear!! so cute!! :D it's been such a long time since i last went to a zoo of sorts haha... last one i went is aquaria in klcc haha

Vitamin M said...

hei, friend, support again your nice blog here. add vitamin M to you.

@lex said...

hahaha,yaya, it's cool!!! Erm.. although they got locked up but we no nid so worry because at least they are under protection~~ ME oso long time din go zoo lor, sigh~~ Zoo got more animals to see~~

@lex said...

(vitamin m)THank u veli much~~~ HIhi~~

Beck Lim said...

Crocodile Farm 好像很有趣的样子~图片看起来 BBCrocodile好小哦~

fattien said...

Oh, The flying crocodile shot was damm cool!!! The big fish call piraruchu if not mistaken. kekeke

Jian said...

OMG!! what a big group of peoples XD

I kinda like to go to Jong's Croc Farm.. its like Kuching's little zoo :)

annna said...

the last time i've been to jong's were centuries ago.. the only happening zoo in kch. sigh.. rindunye dengan krokodail~

@lex said...

(beck lim) Ya, it's fun~~ And the crocodile specimen size is about a 500ml of mineral water like tat~~

@lex said...

(fattien) YaYa, coz I hold the camera for so long to wait the crocodile jump, so tired!!! For the fish name, although I duno but I know tat the name is start with letter "A"~~

@lex said...

(jian) Erm... other than the stundent council members, others is all from outstation de~~

Ya, Jong's crocodile farm is a small zoo, and thr's another new small zoo located at BAU thr~~

@lex said...

(annna) HAHaha, then go visit again~~ There're quite a lot of changes at thr~~ Ya, u ever go the BAU mine zoo, there got horse oso wor~~

miChi3 said...

eh, you din curi 1 back as a pet ah?
anyway, i think crocodile is cool! =D

Beck Lim said...


@lex said...

(michie) Hehehe, i hope i can~~ Coz the bear really cute!! YAya, crocodile is cool~~ But i lie alligator more~~~

@lex said...

(beck lim) knot touch wor, it's for display only~~ hehe^^

Mischique said...

Hey Alex, great shots of the crocodile feeding on the meat.

@lex said...

(Mischique Thank you!! hihi^^ actually i waited the crocodile to jump for so long....

Anonymous said...

i myself hve been 2 d crocodile farm b4,n altho it stunk like hell it was well worth a visit as i got 2 c those crocs.n i do agree wif ya,it rli is a place nt 2 miss when ppl visit kuching

@lex said...

(anonymous) yaya, i totaly agree with u~~