Monday, October 08, 2007

My Saturday (6th OCtober 2007)!!!

Last Saturday, after the meeting regarding Swinburne Prom Night 2007. Me, Roy, Eko, Ah Q, Gabby are going to "The Banquet" to decide how are we going to do our decoration for the night. Vincent and his girlfriend, Wen Shi are following us also. But unfortunately, we can't decide too much because the person in charge is not free, and she is making an appointment with us on Monday. So, we have to go back on Monday again.

We taking all this picture so that we can do some planning first~~


Actually we have our own concept already, we just need to find some company to construct it. If who know where to find this kind of contractor, please let me know ASAP, thanks!! After leaving from Banquet, we proceed to our next destination which are bridal shop and florist to survey some accessories. Besides that, we also sun bian go bridal shop to survey tuxedo and dress, and me and my friend are planning to rent tux for that night. We went to Alex Bridal, Abell Bridal, Prince Bridal. But most of the shop just have 1 or 2 tux to rent only. And the price is quite high also. So, if who know got any shop, please introduce to me also, thanks again~~

This is the dress we saw in Prince Bridal, damn nice lah!!!

*This dress cost about RM2000+, and the rental fees is about RM700 - RM800, SWT~~

After Bridal shop, we went to PSDC florist, just saw some branches which suit our design. May be will go back there to buy it. Next, we went to Green Gallery, and we also found some accessories which suit our design. But all the price are too expensive. Because we can't do anything yet, so we start zuo wu zuo bo at Green Gallery~~

*This is the white blind we want but it cost RM350~~

*Go so many place in an afternoon, rest for a while

*Roy, our decoration in charge

*Eko, boss from Indonesia

*Me and Gabby~~ Wow, can i finish this apple by myself??

*Wah, so tired!!! I need to nap for a while~~

*Roy, stop shaking your butt!! =p

*OMG!! Where is our head??

*I'm holding "Please do not sit on the furniture, thanks for cooperation"

Before we leave BDC, we drop by Tux and Suit to survey the tuxedo. But unfortunately, they didn't provide renting service. So, we just go back to Swinburne, on the way, we all drop by the animal shop at Jalan Ong Tiang Swee because Roy said he want to see doggie~~ After that we baru really back to Swinburne.

*Cute leh!!!


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