Monday, October 08, 2007

再回到從前 KARAOK

So, the OM gathering part is all over. Now, is our own time!!! This karaok is the place where me and my friend always come to sing and drink. And tonight....... 3 crates of Heineken is waiting for us at here. Don't think us just know how to drink nia, we also can sing very well wor!!! Don't play play~~

*Can you people FEEL it??

*So enjoy!!!

*Q, you want eat shoe har??

*Alvin has FALLEN!!! (Omg, this is also the first you follow us come play hor, sorry!!!)

*Hey you 2!! Stop molesting him~~
*David and Ah Siao

We played at here until 3a.m. something. After this, we're going to BDC 香香坊 and continue drink again!!! Over there, we ordered another 2 crates. So, overall 5 crates for us. Guess what!!! Some of us drink until 6a.m. in the morning, by the time I reach home, this is hat the sky looks like!!! We're Insane!!

*OMG!! The sun is coming out already~~